Milenko Vujić, international dance judge and choreographer.

 In long period of his work, back in 1995 when his dance career started, he managed to create numerous forms of dance expression:  dance choreographies, competition choreographies, shows, music videos, media advertising projects, movies, flash mob… be sure to visit gallery section of this website for more info and past records in his career.

UV Dance group was also upgraded, with special visual effects, all thanks to the leading man Milenko. In their show arsenal UV Dance team now has: led lights, neon lights, laser show lights, shadow dance scene setup…  for more info please visit

Special skill and most notable feature is his creative vision in dance choreography, as well as movement expression. Hard dance practice and huge determination to make every single movement perfect, every day, took him to the stars. This method over the years proved to be an effective way of sending a message to audience, ideal for marketing, advertising, any media project… CV page, portfolio and references page on this website will tell you more, so please be sure to visit.

In long professional line of work as a Casting director and extras coordinator, he succeeded to satisfy any media project and marketing needs of various company profiles. Want to learn more? Please check out Casting director CV page on this website and,

Large team of dancers and choreographers of all dance styles, managed by Milenko, are also ready for any media project, for more info please visit,

We introduce a new dimension of movement, please contact us for details thank you.